Day 34 : Mount Cook (aka There & Back Again)

Late late night last night and an early early start – this’ll be interesting 😀

I’ve reached the last full day of my New Zealand adventure. Mount Cook is today’s destination. I hear it’s one of the major highlights of the South Island & thanks to Andy driving me to Queenstown I had a few hours left on my InterCity Flexipass to blow on the trip!! 😀

Couldn’t have got a better day to end things with too. Slight chill in the air but perfect blue skies and the scenery en route to Cook is probably some of the best I’ve seen so far!

Who remembers ‘Shrek the Sheep’?
Well he lived between Queenstown & Mt Cook which was a cool little nugget of info I didn’t know.

Mount Cook was probably the best way to sign off this holiday. Again I won’t be doing it any justice with mere words so here’s some stunning photos I took.

Next time I come to New Zealand I think I’ll stay here for a week 🙂




I caught up with Phillip for the last time before making sure I was all set for the trip back home. What a laugh he is! Always smiling – love it!!

Tomorrow I grab a lunchtime flight back up to Auckland then at night I travel on to Shanghai then London followed by a cracking little 4am train ride back to Carlisle where the journey began over a month ago.

I’ve got heaps of photos and videos from the last month so I’ll try cobble together a brief 1-2 minute YouTube thing from it all over the next couple of months.

Thanks to everyone who joined me on my travels here. Writing these little blog posts has been a great way to keep a track of everything I’ve done – I’ve also got credit card receipts for that 😀

Maybe it’s inspired you to visit this beautiful country some day – any questions you have or feedback at all I’d love to hear it 🙂


What was the name of the crossing on the North Island that broke poor Michael?

Fire in your answers below and I’ll pick a winner at random 🙂 The winner wins a little slice of New Zealand. Mystery Prize klaxon!!!

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30. May 2014 by admin
Categories: New Zealand | 6 comments

Comments (6)

  1. The Tongariro Crossing

    Great blog Michael. I have enjoyed following your adventures. Safe journey home.

  2. Very cool last (full) day and, as ever, stunning pictures. Looking forward to seeing the video edit you’ll be putting together.

    Been an amazing month just reading about it, so to do it must be something that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

    Awesome job, hope the flights back go by quickly.

    Might as well chance my luck with the competition: The Tongariro Crossing

  3. Hmmmmmm I’ll go with two answers. I like to edge my bets… Mount doom or the tongariro crossing 🙂

  4. I’ll have to enter as ‘Tricia Carroll
    just like a certain company competition I can’t enter using my REAL name
    Huh ?
    I think it was when you were CROSSING Lake Taupo from above as it were when you realised you should have gone B4 you got on that plane NOT waited till you landed
    Bet I win the prize !
    Eh ?
    Answers on a PC
    C’mon everyone
    Be inventive
    Don’t choose The Tongariro
    It’s a red herring
    What about you, K.H. from Ayr ?
    Can you suggest something different
    Maybe when he landed in the lake he found the ring
    (to rule them all)
    That’s the prize
    I know
    There’s loads of rings
    We each get one
    We put them on then we disappear 1
    I’m not entering
    Just wants shot of us !!
    Bet he never even went to NZ
    Probably spent his time in Fat Buddha !

  5. That broke you? Was that not the inflatable pillows at the Heads of Ayr? 😛

    ‘Tricia – I like your answer!! I really should have watched LOTR to understand some of the places Michael visited! But instead, I googled…! Laziness.

  6. This is an important announcement
    Michael has been held up
    His plane ie
    He has NOT been kidnapped by terrorists
    Don’t worry, folks
    He has been forced to stay in a top-class hotel in Shanghai
    He will arrive in Carlisle Tuesday
    And I was planning on washing my hair that day
    Oh well
    Well, Kirsty,
    Save those balloons and banners for another day
    How did I end with 2 wells?
    That WAS funny ’bout Heads Of Ayr
    Ask him ’bout the skimming plate at Drumclog !!!!

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